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The kiosk-rental service Redbox began offering $2-a-day game rentals at 150 locations in Nevada, North Carolina and Texas last weekend, but the selection was disappointing to analysts examining the offerings.


An analyst with a New York firm examined kiosks in Austin, Texas, finding on average 2.8 different titles on three different platforms. In other words, nine games. Also curious to the analyst was the fact only 28 percent of kiosks were renting Wii games, despite the fact that console is found in nearly 29 million American homes, the highest penetration of any. Inversely, PS3 titles were found in 39 percent of kiosks, despite having the lowest market penetration. Xbox 360 games accounted for the other third.

"We had hoped to see a larger selection initially when consumers are likely to form initial impressions of the service and determine whether or not they will return at a later date," the analyst wrote.


The tests are also being conducted in the Reno, Nevada and Wilmington, N.C. regions.

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