THQ's sci-fi third-person shooter Red Faction: Guerrilla was released in North America just eleven days ago, but prices appear to be quickly dropping on the Xbox 360 version of the game. Both NewEgg and are marking it down.


The two online retailers were both listing the title for $20 below its normal asking price, a surprising drop for a game less than two weeks old. It appears the market has responded to that price point, though, as NewEgg has since sold out of the Xbox 360 version and appears to have ratcheted up the price—though it's still selling it below MSRP.

The PlayStation 3 version seems to be unaffected, however.

It's not completely out of the ordinary for games to be hit with quick price drops. Sega and Ubisoft tend to be pretty hasty in marking down underperforming games. Whether Red Faction: Guerrilla is performing below THQ's expectations or the stars of savings have simply aligned today, we're not sure. But things are tough all over, so a reactionary mark down wouldn't surprise us.

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