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Red Dead Redemption, By The Bloody Numbers

Red Dead Redemption players, you've done some very bad things. Just pretending, of course! GameSpy has been collecting data from players of Rockstar Games' hit Western and the results are amazing.

12.6 million characters trampled by horses. 5,600 cumulative years spent in virtual jail. And that's just in two weeks!


Earlier this week, we posted a snapshot of stats involving animal-hunting in Red Dead Redemption. At the time, we believed those stats, pulled from gamers networked to Rockstar's website, showed the full rankings of animals slayed by RDR players. Turns out that was just a tiny slice.


The data we have for you today, via GameSpy, shows a whole lot more:

Illustration for article titled Red Dead Redemption, By The Bloody Numbers

(Click the graphic to enlarge it)

The huge graphic here shows a much bigger haul — numbers pulled by stat-tracking service GameSpy from almost three-million Red Dead Redemption players, from all of those who played the game on an online-connected Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 in the game's first two weeks of release.

The GameSpy team told Kotaku today that the numbers pulled from Red Dead have continued to skyrocket. As of this past Tuesday, gamers have logged 3.6 billion minutes in the game. GameSpy works with Red Dead's creators at Rockstar Games to track more than 1000 statistics from each of the game's players. The companies use the statistics not just to wow gamers with nice infographics but to track playing patterns and learn how their games — and the elements within them — are being experienced by players. Ideally, this will lead to better games.


Some of those stats can be seen on the Rockstar Social Club, the game maker's free site for all of its recent games.

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Total number of horseshoes games won: 5. Total lost: 884849498349834.

I swear, that's the hardest minigame ever.