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What Do Red Dead Redemption Players Have Against Crows?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Do Red Dead Redemption players hate crows? I shoot virtual deer and wolves a lot in that fantastic video game Western, but look at these stats, pulled from the Rockstar Social Club:

Hey, all of you virtual cowboys, what did these crows ever do to you? You can't even sell their feathers for much money. Then again, when I'm not trip-skipping in Red Dead and instead listening to the dialogue while riding shotgun in a wagon, I've shot a crow or 20. Can't help it.


These animal kill counts and other stats in the Rockstar Social Club are pulled from the consoles of gamers like me who have synced their Rockstar games to the company's website. By logging on, I just found out that someone named "A 1 Ton MESSIAH" skinned 19 skunks. Whatever keeps you warm on the frontier, A1. Just watch out for bobcats (other than the eight you skinned already).

Can't bring myself to shoot a buffalo, though. That seems meaner than my honorable version of John Marston is capable. He's reformed!


PIC via Flickr