Red Dead Redemption will be Rockstar's "most ambitious game to date," says a studio executive, which explains why it's carpet-bombing TV and certain film audiences with a sizable pre-launch ad campaign.

Speaking to MCV, Rockstar GM Neil Stephen said Redemption will get the company's first ever cinema advertising campaign."We think the cinematic nature of the game makes it a perfect fit for cinema," Stephen said; the game will be advertising to audiences of Robin Hood, Iron Man 2 and Prince of Persia.

"We are spending a larger proportion of our TV budget pre-launch than we ever have before to ensure Red Dead Redemption is established as a massive triple-A title," Stephen said.

Rockstar added that its cinema campaign will incorporate some kind of Bluetooth-enabled content download via posters in the cinema foyer. Elsewhere "In terms of sales projections, we are aiming high and as such are focusing more attention on retail channels than ever before," Stephen said.

Red Dead Redemption Hits the Big Screen [MCV]