Record-Seeker Restarts 70-Hour Assault on All-Time Q*Bert Mark

Last month, George Leutz set out to topple a high score nearly 28 years old: Q*Bert's all time mark of 33,273,520. It's believed that it would take playing for 70 hours on a single quarter to beat that score. Halfway into it, someone kicked a power cord, (seen above) and all of Leutz's work was lost.


Well he's not going to let that be the end of his shot at glory. Beginning tonight, Leutz is back at it again, where his first attempt ended in tragedy - Richie Knucklez Arcade Games in Flemington, N.J.


"According to Richie Knucklez," reports Arcade Games Examiner, "the plug of the Q*bert machine will be under heavy security during this attempt."

Yeah, it had better @!#?@!ing be.

If you want to see a livestream of Leutz's attempt, head over here, and select "Richie Knucklez" from the dropdown menu. He was about 1.5 million points into the attempt as of publication time.

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George Leutz begins second attempt at 70 hour Q*bert game today [Arcade Game Examiner]

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