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Realtime Worlds Has Another MMO Up Their Sleeves

Illustration for article titled Realtime Worlds Has Another MMO Up Their Sleeves

While Crackdown developer Realtime Worlds focus might be on getting APB out the door early next year, they've already got another massively multiplayer project in the pipeline.


During his keynote presentation at this year's GameHorizon conference, Realtime Worlds creative director David Jones told the crowd that the company's next massively multiplayer online title, the first details of which will be released next year, is indeed the game the company originally planned to create. In fact, he explained, the unannounced title is the game that they initially raised $30 million in venture capital funding to help finance.

Other than the fact that the game was "a very ambitious project" and the company is "very excited", Jones couldn't comment any further.


We sincerely hope that APD doesn't develop some sort of complex for being the child Realtime Worlds is having until they can make the baby they really want.

Realtime to announce second MMO next year []

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Char Aznable

Less speculation about vague possibility of other RTW MMO, more harassing RTW for more APB info.