After Realtime Worlds' appetite-whetting unveiling of its upcoming cops-n'-jerkbags MMO APB (All Points Bulletin), it'd be a little disappointing if it turned out that all we were being promised was sanitized "comic mischief." But no — Realtime Worlds fully expects to earn its M rating. Realtime Worlds president Tony Harman (who recently told us why we didn't see APB at E3) had a chat with Gamespot:

Realtime Worlds president Tony Harmon told GameSpot today that he's expecting his modern-day cops-and-robbers game APB to land an M from the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Though the game has no release date yet, the developer is planning to submit it to the ratings process next year.

The concept art in this post is cool, huh? Move over, six-fingered Lollipop Girl? APB gunning for an M [Gamespot]