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​Real-Life Smash Bros. Returns with Baseball Bats and Fireworks

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

About four years ago, these guys got the idea to stage a Super Smash Bros. tournament in real life—and it wasn't some cutesy-poo re-enactment, either. They hit each other. With sticks. Hard. After a two-year layoff, 3GI's Super Smash Tournament returned last month for a third season.

Here's the latest bout, facing off Earthbound and Brawl co-stars Lucas and Ness. Following some rasslin' style backstage promos (during which Lucas helpfully notes that Ness does not speak) the two commence hostilities at 1:30 of this video, and they are playing for keeps. As "referee" Kyle explains in the season's first bout (Link vs. Zelda) there are "no boundaries ... anything goes."


I mean, Lucas is swinging full-force with what appears to be a baseball bat, though if it's being parried with a ... broomstick? then what is that thing, hollow? Still, these two are not fucking around. Lucas kicks a powerup into the woods, and everything really gets shaky, but coming up the hill, Ness picks up a Super Scope—which appears to be armed with bottle rockets or a roman candle—and the chase is on.

Ness wins out, though he has to survive a Roman candle barrage at the end. The preliminary rounds for Tournament 3 are over; it'll be Link (who defeated Zelda) vs. Snake (winner against Pokémon Trainer) in the Episode 6 semifinals, followed by Fox (who defeated Pikachu) and Ness in Episode 7. The winners will meet in the grand final.