Ready To Fall In Love With Love Plus Manga?

Konami's popular love simulator Love Plus is getting a handful of manga, it seems.


Japanese publisher Kodansha hints that it will be launching five new manga series in five different magazines, reports Anime News Network. While nothing official has been announced, the advertisements for these new manga feature silhouettes of the Love Plus girls. What could it mean?

The manga will launch in Monthly Shonen Rival on April 3, Bessatsu Shonen Magazine on April 9, Monthly Young Magazine on April 14, Magazine E-no on April 20 and Good! Afternoon on May 7.

Love Plus went on sale in September 2010 in Japan and has sold approximately 180,000 copies.


ラブプラスの漫画が講談社の5つの漫画雑誌で連載決定!? [Temple-Knights via ANN]

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