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To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Intern No More Yay! Can't wait till Adam takes care of all that other shit. Bizzy day. Man... It seems like we're having contests all the time, which is pretty awesome I think. And because of that, we're always giving away stuff. Sometimes, we hear back from the winners, sometimes not. That's okay, no biggie. We did hear back from the Top Spin contest winner. (Remember him?) He's made a video that features him and his facial hair, an axe and Jamiroquai. It's terrifying and awesome at the same time. Watch all seven minutes of it after the jump. What you missed last night Capcom Sales Up, Put Rough Window On SFIV Release The GBA And GameCube...Still...Function! DS, Wii Totally Cooling Off In Japan Forget Wii Fit, It's Mario Kart That's Buttering Nintendo's Bread Nintendo DS Software Sales Up, Nintendo Wii Software Sales Up (Up, Up, Up!) Nintendo Hardware Sales: DS Sales Down, Wii Sales Up (With Bonus Lifetime Sales Data) Nintendo's Sales And Profits Are Up, Yo Is Nintendo's Legal Suit Helping R4 Sales? Console Execs Talk The Next Next Gen Firmware 2.42 Is Live

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Bravo sir! You are awesome, and it's not just the beard. (although that helps)