Ratings Board Tips Metal Slug X, Front Mission 3 On PSN

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ESRB certificates for Metal Slug X and Front Mission 3 indicate both titles will be released as PSOne Classics sometime soon.


Both titles got ratings of T-for-Teen, for violence. Examiner, which spied the listings first, notes that Front Mission 3 was re-released on the Japanese and European PlayStation Stores in March 2009 and September of this year, respectively.

Metal Slug X, a 2001 game for the PSOne, features more content and improved graphics over Metal Slug 2.

Front Mission 3 and Metal Slug X coming to U.S. Playstation Store [Examiner.com]

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Dear Sony,

You did some good with a few of the PSone releases. Like Grandia, Alundra, and the main Final Fantasies (FFIX FTW!).

Why don't you do us all a favor and release Vagrant Story, Chrono Cross, and one of your best in-house developed games Legend of Dragoon? It's easy money with minimal work, isn't it? Really, you'll make many people happy.

*sigh* .. That is all.