Blockbuster's second Video Game Championship contest, for SNES and Genesis, ran nationwide in 1995. Stores had to destroy the cartridges after the contest. Someone made 100 reproductions to help completionists fill a gap in their collect. About 40 are left.

Best part, it sounds like the buyers will have a high score contest of their own after the lot is sold out. While these things are not authentic originals, they are a $60 way to take care of a missing cart that probably isn't going to be found at an affordable price anytime soon.

The makers have given this reproduction of Blockbuster World Championships II - the Genesis version only - an authentic clamshell case with a hand-numbered insert; a Sega/Acclaim style cartridge casing, and a shrinkwrap sealing "more of a novelty than anything else."

This listing of cartridges pegs an authentic specimen's value at around $2,000.

Official Blockbuster World Video Game Championship II Repro Sales Thread [Nintendo Age via Hot Blooded Gaming]