Rare Genesis Cartridge Gets A Private Reproduction Run

Blockbuster's second Video Game Championship contest, for SNES and Genesis, ran nationwide in 1995. Stores had to destroy the cartridges after the contest. Someone made 100 reproductions to help completionists fill a gap in their collect. About 40 are left.

Best part, it sounds like the buyers will have a high score contest of their own after the lot is sold out. While these things are not authentic originals, they are a $60 way to take care of a missing cart that probably isn't going to be found at an affordable price anytime soon.


The makers have given this reproduction of Blockbuster World Championships II - the Genesis version only - an authentic clamshell case with a hand-numbered insert; a Sega/Acclaim style cartridge casing, and a shrinkwrap sealing "more of a novelty than anything else."

This listing of cartridges pegs an authentic specimen's value at around $2,000.

Official Blockbuster World Video Game Championship II Repro Sales Thread [Nintendo Age via Hot Blooded Gaming]

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