Rare Game Pulling Five-Figure Bids, with Some Proceeds Going to Japan Relief

It's well settled that Stadium Events is, if not the rarest video game on the collectible market, is certainly the rarest of any retail release. A year after a sealed copy of the NES game set a record for the most ever paid for a single game, another verified, factory-sealed copy is seeking to dethrone it.


The seller is promising 10 percent of the final sale price will go to the earthquake/tsunami recovery effort in Japan. With three days left, its current bid is $21,600. Though the seller placed a $500,000 reserve price on it, he says he did so to, in effect, award the item to the highest bidder - while still retaining the option of declining that offer if it isn't as high as he wants.

That appeared to be the case with an earlier listing of what looks to be the same item, back in late February. Who knows what the seller wants for this, but the item is graded 75 by the Video Game Authority, which grades video game collectibles. The previous two sealed copies were not graded by the VGA.

NES Nintendo StAdiUM EvEnTs NTSC SEaLeD VGA 75 NEW NIB! [eBay]

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