Rare Dragon Ball FighterZ Glitch Makes Tien's Opponents Invisible

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Tien’s a dude with three eyes whose best friend is a ghost child and maybe a vampire. That’s pretty weird on its own. It turns out he can turn people invisible too, by way of a recently discovered glitch in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

A Player who goes by RZampa demonstrated how it works, or at least what causes it to occur, in a recent set of YouTube videos. As reported by Shoryuken, there are a few idiosyncrasies to the glitch that make it hard to pull off out in the wild. First, the other player needs to be using Android 21, the game’s original new pink character who eats people, in their lineup. Then the person using Tien needs to unleash a level three super at the same time the other player brings Android 21 in for an assist move.

If all goes according to plan Tien will summon Chiaotzu who will latch onto the opponent and self destruct, doing a ton of damage and also, inexplicably, render them invisible. In classic Z fighter form, Chiaotzu’s last ditch sacrifice isn’t only made in vain then, but it also screws over his friend who has to go on fighting someone he can’t see. So it goes.


Bandai Namco will probably patch the glitch out of existence some time in the near future, but for now at least you can always invite a friend over to try and pull it off yourself.

[Source: Shoryuken]

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It sucks to fight against a Tien player because the only people who play Tien know how to use him. Same thing goes for Hit or Majin Buu.