Rare Comes Clean On Shocking 'Kameo Is A Fairy' Allegations

Kameo, the tribal tattooed star of Xbox 360 launch title Kameo: Elements of Power, is a fairy, developer Rare says in a new interview with Edge magazine, a cover up designed to appeal to the Xbox's violence-loving fan base.

So says Rare creative director George Andreas to Edge, via CVG, admitting that the Kameo we know and (possibly) love is not a burly, testosterone elf, but a fairy. A truly unsettling revelation.


Talking about the development of that game, Andreas says, is "painful."

"We changed direction slightly because of the new audience we were trying to aim at," Andreas says. "We called Kameo an elf, but really she was a fairy. We tried to disguise that a few times, but it didn't really work out. It was a game with a fairy for an audience that likes shooting and killing things." I don't know about you, but I never would've suspected. A fairy of all things!

The Rare creative director believes that the UK based developer, snapped up by Microsoft in 2002, might have been better off scrapping Kameo, originally a GameCube game, and starting from scratch. A sequel to Kameo: Elements of Power was rumored to have been nixed in favor of devoting more of Rare's development time to Kinect projects.


Rare: Kameo should have been 'scrapped' [CVG]

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