Rainbow Six Set to Invade New York With Home-Grown Terrorism

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A new interpretation of the classic Rainbow Six, the tough-as-nails tactical shooter that asked gamers to carefully plan out the nuance of a breach like a choreographed dance, is in the works, a source familiar with the unannounced Ubisoft shooter tell Kotaku.


We've also heard that the game will in many ways be a departure from the sameness found in Rainbow Six: Vegas and its sequel, and a return to what helped separate the shooter from others of its ilk.

It's unclear if the in-development game will be shown at E3.

The original Rainbow Six is more tactical and focused on stealth than on weapons. Before each mission, in those early games, players were asked to view a briefing and then build a team, pick their weapons and equipment and finally create waypoints that the secondary members of the team would follow. Once the mission started, players had only control of one team member at a time.

Rainbow Six will be a far more story-driven game than previous iterations of the Tom Clancy branded title. The game is meant to take a step in a different direction, telling a bigger, much more gritty cinematic story than previous versions of the game.

In this still-to-be-titled Rainbow Six, players will be tasked with stopping a homegrown terrorist group operating in America. The group, fed up with the greed of Wall Street and the government that acts to protect them, decides to target New York City.

While the gameplay is based on some classic Rainbow Six mechanics, there is a cover system that takes you out of the first-person perspective and into the third.

A new icon-rich graphics style helps to highlight members of your team during a mission and other pertinent information.


Contacted Thursday, Ubisoft declined to comment.



Are we really doing New York again? Are there no other metropolitan areas that can become an important setting? DC wasn't used in depth in MW2 and FO3 was a wasteland that isn't congruous w/ our time, so it surely could be a place of intrigue. Los Angeles is important, San Francisco, Seattle, numerous Texan cities (maybe use a border war as a plot point), Silicon Valley could be used interestingly, the rest of the entire fucking world! ANYWHERE but New York City again! I love NY, I was born in Jersey and find NYC to be an amazing place, a place I'd love to live in sometime in my life, but it's quickly becoming the WWII of location settings for modern FPSes.