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The at-launch team ratings for Madden NFL 11 were revealed earlier today and the Raida Organization, despite shoveling 260 pounds of No. 2 from its roster, improved not one whit from last year's game to this.

Oakland's 71 represents zero improvement over last year's rating, which must make Jason Campbell, the Raidas' new quarterback, feel just awesome. Especially since Campbell's old team, the Redskins, surged to a 76 from a 70 with his departure, the single-biggest gain. Although they're still in last place in the beefier NFC East.


The Arizona Cardinals lost QB Kurt Warner to retirement and receiver Anquan Boldin to free agency, accounting for their eight-point slide, worst in the game. And interestingly, last year's Super Bowl participants New Orleans and Indianapolis each lost two points overall but remain No. 1 and No. 2 for a second straight year, respectively, which maybe indicates a tightening in EA Sports' formula. Who knows.

RankTeamMadden 11Madden 10Change
1New Orleans Saints9294-2
2Indianapolis Colts9193-2
3Baltimore Ravens9087+3
4New York Jets8988+1
5Minnesota Vikings8890-2
6Green Bay Packers8787NA
7Dallas Cowboys8788-1
8New England Patriots8688-2
9Cincinnati Bengals8686NA
10San Diego Chargers8589-4
11Pittsburgh Steelers8485-1
12Atlanta Falcons8383NA
13New York Giants8181NA
14Philadelphia Eagles8086-6
15Arizona Cardinals7987-8
16Miami Dolphins7977+2
17San Francisco 49ers7978+1
18Houston Texans7882-4
19Denver Broncos7880-2
20Chicago Bears7775+2
21Tennessee Titans7779-2
22Washington Redskins7670+6
23Carolina Panthers7578-3
24Seattle Seahawks7572+3
25Jacksonville Jaguars7476-2
26Oakland Raiders7171NA
27Kansas City Chiefs7168+3
28Cleveland Browns7069+1
29Tampa Bay Buccaneers6967+2
30Detroit Lions6866+2
31Buffalo Bills6771-4
32St. Louis Rams6665+1

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