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R2-D2 Subtitles Reveal An Angry, Frustrated Little Droid

Illustration for article titled R2-D2 Subtitles Reveal An Angry, Frustrated Little Droid

Jabba got subtitles. Greedo got subtitles. But poor R2-D2, he never got subtitles, so the astromech droid spends six movies bleeping around with the audience left to guess at what's on his mind. Until now.


Eclectic Method (via Laughing Squid) have gone through the six flicks and subtitled R2's scenes, revealing a deeply frustrated droid facing a constant struggle against the incompetency of his colleagues. His only defence/release? Being an asshole.

R2D2 Subtitles by eclecticmethod

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I love how C-3P0 can converse flawlessly in three million natural languages while R2-D2 lacks the self-expression capabilities of an iPhone.

Star Wars is not the franchise for those who are big fans of things that make sense.