R.U.S.E. Beta Keys Deployed To V.I.P.s

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Did you register for the R.U.S.E beta? Then you may want to check your e-mail and make sure your Steam account is in good standing. Ubisoft kicked off the game's V.I.P. beta program today.


The R.U.S.E. beta test program going live today is a positive sign that the real-time strategy game will make its early 2010 release date, but we'll wait patiently for a "going gold" announcement and solid confirmation from the publisher before getting too excited.


For those that did get in, let us know what you think. We've messed around with the game at various events and were generally impressed with the ability to play the thing with an Xbox 360 controller and with its simple on the surface, deep underneath strategic gameplay.

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captain zach america

Is it 360 exclusive or for PC too? I despise RTS on consoles.