R. Mika And Her Ridiculous Outfit Join Street Fighter V

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Here’s a strange one: R. Mika, a wrestler who first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3, is joining the cast of the newest Street Fighter game, impractical costume and all.

She looks fun to play—check out those wrestling moves—but this is an odd choice given Mika’s lack of pedigree. Cool throwback, though! Says Capcom:

As an aspiring young wrestler, Mika dreamed of one day becoming a star in the ring, much like her idol Zangief. Training under the strict tutelage of her coach, she traveled the world engaging in random matches with street fighters in order to spread her name and popularity. R. Mika’s wrestling prowess will be on full display in Street Fighter V, as she dazzles opponents with a wide variety of high-flying moves. This time around, her wrestling tag-team partner Nadeshiko assists in the fight! By calling Nadeshiko at the right time using R. Mika’s V-Trigger ability, players will be able to set up sneaky attacks and punishing command grab mix-ups that are sure to deliver devastating amounts of damage. Players who enjoy putting on a stunning display of fear-inducing close-combat guessing games will find R. Mika a colorful and rewarding way to play.


Street Fighter V is out next spring for PS4 and PC.

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Steve Bowling

As a huge Street Fighter fan, here’s my hot take on this addition:

Fuck R. Mika. Get her right the fuck out of here. SF4 had stupid joke characters like El Fuerte and Dan, and it just ruined the tone of the game.

The art style, stages and characters we’ve seen from SFV up to this point all pointed to a more mature game. Something that was charmingly less campy. Now it seems we get this ridiculously stupid-looking wrestler in a skimpy outfit who was in one iteration of a side-series and is back because the producer likes her.

Just. Ugh. Couldn’t that have redesigned her the way they did with other returning combatants? A female wrestler with a tag-team partner is a cool idea, but does she have to look so incredibly stupid?