Xbox Exclusive Quantum Break Is Full Of TV Stars

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Quantum Break has been delayed a few times, but in addition to a bunch of new gameplay footage, we finally have a release date: April 5, 2016.


Gamescom provided more in-depth look at the game’s storyline, which apparently involves actor Shawn Ashmore (Jack Joyce) trying to reverse a time travel experiment by Aidan Gillen—yes, Littlefinger— that’s gone terribly wrong. (Are there times when it ever goes terribly right?)

The game also features Lance Reddick, which, along with Gillen, makes that two Wire actors in this one.

Here’s your look at the cast—remember, there’s a live action component to all this.

Sure, it’s not Alan Wake 2, but it looks pretty cool!

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Why do I feel like the only one not jumping on the hate train for this game. The core is generic scifi material (honestly, better than a lot of what’s currently out there since SyFy went down the crapper and the networks all cloned each other’s shows) but the design looks polished and the time mechanics unique enough to shake up the shooter game flow. It looks a bit like a cinematic (and literally grounded) take on infamous, which is a damned fun game despite its also arguably generic story - and not available for the Xbox crowd.

While it’s fully possible this will be screwed up by overproduction and dumbing down (which is why I never preorder a game like this), I still hold out hope that it will be fun.