Q-Games' Reflect Missile Coming To DSiWare

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PixelJunk and Art Style game creators Q-Games have a new, original project heading to the DSiWare shop next week. Reflect Missile looks to combine Arkanoid-style brick smashing with missile management strategy, which sounds potentially fascinating.


The official Nintendo of Europe web site has details and first screens on the Nintendo DSi downloadable title, promising 200 stages of action-puzzle-strategy in the Q-Games fashion. With the developer's recently released Art Style: Digidrive making DSiWare a better place, we're looking forward to giving Reflect Missile a shot.


Reflect Missile [Nintendo UK]

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Boy those pixelated missiles sure are small. Oh my old eyes can't see in my late age.

Oh! Good thing I have a DSi XL that's the size of a netbook! I can see clearly now.

That actually does sound interesting though, brick breaking games are alright, maybe adding in some missiles will give the genre a kick in the pants?