The eagerly anticipated follow-up to the game that launched the puzzle-RPG genre, Puzzle Quest, will be playable at PAX East next weekend, if you can manage to pry us away from the controls.

Now I can't speak for Stephen Totilo, my partner in PAX crime, but Puzzle Quest is more than a game for me. It's an obsession. I've played the game on every platform available at this point, and when I recently introduced it to my girlfriend, she quickly surpassed my efforts, leveling past fifty and collecting this set of armor that I wasn't aware of the makes the entire screen explode if you so much as sneeze .

She's not going to Boston with me, which is just as well; she'd never come back.

Visitors to PAX East at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston next weekend will be able to get their hands on Puzzle Quest 2, which updates the formula with new classes, and weapons and armor that can change the tide of battles.


Your best chance to check out the game will be Saturday morning at 11:30AM, when Totilo has his panel and I'm using his distraction as an excuse to take a nap in some bean bag chairs.