On March 27, Kotaku and my pal, consultant N'Gai Croal, will co-host a panel right at the mid-point of the three-day PAX East. Our mission: To figure out what the best game of all time is, using a foolproof method.

Here are the details for you to pencil into your calendar, PAX East showgoers. Kotaku's Totilo (me!). N'Gai Croal's N'Gai Croal. And... expect celebrity guest-stars, as soon as N'Gai and I remember to book some. Or maybe we have and they're surprises. Or maybe I'm covering up our tardiness. Or maybe...

Kotaku and Croal: In Search Of The Best Games Ever
Manticore Theatre
Saturday, 11:30am

What are the 10 best video games ever made? Former journalism peers and eternal game-arguing rivals N'Gai Croal (Hit Detection) and Stephen Totilo (Kotaku), have figured out how to figure it out: Make a game out of it. They've created a game that will determine the 10 best games of all time — and roped in a host of gaming luminaries to play. Witness the birth of Kotaku and Croal's "Canon Fodder" as Stephen and N'Gai's brand-new and possibly completely foolhardy game is launched. Early tests have been successful, with zero bugs reported. This is their (well, Stephen's) quest to somehow get Yoshi's Island higher on the list than Super Mario World. Let's hope their gaming industry guests don't let them down.

Panelists Include: Stephen Totilo [Deputy Editor, Kotaku], N'Gai Croal [Founder and Principal, Hit Detection]


Thankfully, we don't have to compete with Naughty Dog's live game design meeting, a panel about Dead Space from the people who make Dead Space, a Wil Wheaton keynote, a Rock Band panel featuring Harmonix folks, some sort of Prince of Persia blow-out and a dozen or so panels about games journalism.

Please join us on March 27 and laugh boisterously any time it even seems like I'm making a joke. I'll be the guy with less hair.

Note: We will not be revealing our amazing method for selecting the best game of all time until the panel. It's a new method. Trust me. No darts, dice rolls or intelligent Pandas involved.

Check out the full PAX East 210 schedule.

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