Punch-Out!! Documentary Ad Walks the Dog

Mac is back, sweeping up smack packs in this documentary-style ad that may seem inspired, but is definitely brilliant.

Doc's aphorisms aren't any more decipherable in live action, sorry to say. He also mispronounces correctly pronounces the hell out of Pissin' Hurricane Piston Hondo. I missed the memo on that one.


But is anyone else fired up by that ska-band redo of the title theme? God, that makes me want to hit something. In a good way.

This was produced by the same crew responsible for the tremors in the Wario Land: Shake It! YouTube page (see what it looked like here.)




It's been 15 years since Little Mac suffered a punishing defeat at the hands of King Hippo. Now he's coming out of retirement and the legendary chocolate bar eating, Doc Louis is back in his corner. Little Mac is ready to prove that he still has what it takes to be Champion of the W.V.B.A.