Major Nelson's got the Xbox Live numbers up for the week of October 26th and who should be in third place on the Indie list but Pumpkin Chop.

I took a look at the virtual pumpkin carving sim not too long before Halloween and liked what I saw. So I'm glad to see its done well enough for itself to make the top 10 purchased Indie Games on Xbox Live.


In total, three Halloween-themed games made top slots on the Indie list. Besides Pumpkin Chop, Halloween HD made the cut at number eight and I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1 held the number two spot. With a name like that, I can understand how it did so well β€” I don't even need to play it.

Sadly, though, Halloween is over. So I won't expect to see Pumpkin Chop on anyone's top 10 'til next year at least. But if you've got a copy, I guess you could practice your design skills for next year's Kotaku Pumpkin Patch.

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