PSP To Be Used As Console Game Recording Device?

At E3 2006, Sony brass Kaz Hirai showed F1 Championship Edition running off a PSP as a rearview mirror that could be placed next to your PS3 set-up.

Gimmicky, sure, but one of many ways Sony has been trying to link portable and home console. There are other ways Sony seems interested in linking the PS3 and PSP.


In what appears to be a recent Sony survey, the company apparently asked users several questions and to rate their answers on a scale of 1 - 6 with 1 being "Not Appealing" and 6 being "Very Appealing."

Questions nineteen and twenty were as follows:

19. If you could make one modification to the PSP system, what would you like to see?

20. The following statements concern the way you would like a portable device to interact with a console. Rank these statements based on their appeal to you. (1 = Not Appealing, 6 = Very Appealing)

Use the device to complete side missions for console games (unlocakables, etc.).

Transfer media (music/pictures/video) wirelessly from the console to the device (broadcast television, new levels for games).

Use the device WHILE PLAYING the console game as an addition weapon/utility to help the gameplay (second player option, radar for incoming enemies, etc.).

Record console gameplay for display on the device (showing off your high scores ore "cool moves" to friends).

Well... How would you rate these?



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