Malaysian student Ashraf Haziq made world headlines last week when he was the victim of not one but two sickening attacks during the London riots, one which broke his jaw and one which saw his PSP stolen by a man supposedly "helping" him.

While there was initially some good news for Haziq, with Sony pledging to send him a new PSP and some games, there's now hopefully some justice to go with it, as British police have apprehended and charged a man with the theft.

Reece Donovan, from Romford, just outside of London, has been charged by the Metropolitan Police over the robbery (which was captured on video), in which he's accused of helping Haziq to his feet from a physical attack only to then literally steal the PSP off his back.

For what its worth, the Malaysian student says he "bore no ill feelings" towards the men who attacked him, and has pledged to stay in the UK and finish his university studies.


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