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Man has Jaw Broken, PSP Stolen During London Riots

One of the sadder stories to come out of this week's London riots is that of Malaysian student Ashraf Haziq, who bleeding profusely from a broken jaw is helped to his feet by passers-by...before summarily having his PSP stolen right out of his backpack.


It's indicative of the kind of materialistic lawlessness that's gripped the British capital this week, but at least in this one instance, there's a happy ending to an otherwise sad tale.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's marketing director Alan Duncan has pledged to replace Haziq's PSP, and throw in a few games for good measure.


It won't fix his broken jaw, but perhaps it might go some small way to restoring his faith in basic human decency.

Injured boy mugged in riot to have PSP replaced by SCEE [VG247]

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Fucking assholes, this is no longer rebellion about social oppression, no, this is just a couple of lowlifes doing crimes without fear of law enforcements.

I survived being trapped in a city wide riot once, and I can say fuck this kind of people. The victims always come out worse while they either captured but got little jail time due to their age or escape conviction.

Yes, I'm angry, I'M FUCKING ANGRY.