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PSP Resident Evil Is An "All-New Title"

Illustration for article titled PSP Resident Evil Is An All-New Title

Resident Evil 5 aside, it seems everywhere you look these days, there's a Resident Evil remake popping up. So when a PSP Resident Evil game was announced last week, few people seemed to care.


They probably, like I first did, assumed it was just another remake of some PS1 or PS2 RE game. Yawn. Never mind the fact neither Capcom nor Sony said squat (SQUAT) about the game, there's a precedent for RE remakes of late, and that's what many assumed.


But no! Capcom's Chris Kramer has said today that the game is "an all-new title created specifically for the PSP platform, with the PSP Go in mind". All-new, got it. Good to hear! But with the PSPgo in mind? Wonder if that means it'll be download-only?

Capcom E3 Mystery Title #2: Resident Evil PSP [Capcom]

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It means it'll have shitty controls and fold in your pocket when you're tired of playing