Oh Yeah, PSP Getting Its Own Resident Evil

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Announced at the Sony E3 2009 press conference but lost amidst new PSP, Final Fantasy, and Metal Gear Solid news, the PlayStation Portable will also be getting its own special Resident Evil game next year.

Why was this news missed? Because that's all we really know. There is a Resident Evil game coming to the PSP sometime next year. It didn't sound like they were talking about a remake of an older title, so it should be something fresh and new for Sony's newly remade handheld.


And that's all we really know. Feel free to fill the comments section with boundless speculation. I'll start! It could be an adaptation of the Milla Jovovich movies, complete with naked hospital scene! Your turn!

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I don't know about you, but I didn't find the Jovovich hospital scene to be all that hot.