PSN Easter Egg Adds "OLD SNAKE" to Friends?

Click to viewWell, not quite. As the video above shows, if you try to add "hideo_kojima" as an online friend via PSN, the ID is automatically converted to OLD SNAKE. It likely gets sent to a bot account that's refusing all friend requests, as the comments thread for this video is thick with people who have been shot down.

I'm extremely skeptical this is in fact Hideo Kojima's ID, let alone anyone with high-level connection to the game. Just thought I'd share because it was a little intriguing and it also gives me cover to provide you this pic of Old Snake on "The People's Court," submitted by reader RageTowers last week. (on the jump)

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"[Monday] on The People's Court, a man looking extremely similar to old snake was being sued for conning a woman out of money and lying to her about being married. It took me a few minutes to stop laughing at the fact Snake was in court. He ended up winning the case cause the woman was lying through her teeth about the entire case."

Hideo Kojima's PSN Account?? [Gametrailers, thanks reader David P.]



Court has changed...

(snake walks into courtroom, looks up and sees..)

Snake: A survelliance camera? (snake then proceeds to get into prone position and crawl under desk and call otacon, who is seated across the room)

Snake: Otacon, the security here is insane.

Otacon: This is like one of my japanese animes!

Snake: What! (hits hand on wall)

Gaurd: What was that noise?

Judge: We've lost sight of the enemy, proceed to alert status.

Snake: urgh! (calls colonel cambell)

Colonel, where do i go fromhere?

Colonel: I hear its amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on hara kiri rock. I need scissors! 6-

Snake: Urgh! (hangs up and calls meryl)

Meryl: watcha need snake?

Snake: Oh hotness, i wanna bang you!