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PS5 Finally Gets Feature It Should Have Launched With

Sony's latest firmware update adds folders, support for 1440p, and more

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A black PS5 DualSense hangs in front of an interstellar background.
Image: Sony

Gamers with a penchant for organizing, rejoice: You can finally sort your PS5 games into dedicated folders. The new feature is part of the latest firmware update and arrives alongside support for 1440p resolution and some small quality-of-life-improvements.

The PS5's new system software update went live earlier today, and adds features previously revealed in a beta test from earlier in the summer. Now that the testing is complete, everyone gets to enjoy them.

Here are all of the highlights from the PlayStation Blog:

  • 1440p HDMI video output on TVs and monitors that support it
  • Folders, or as Sony calls them, “gamelists”
  • Search YouTube using voice commands
  • Launch Remote Play directly through the PS App
  • Option to send Share Requests to friends
  • Notifications to join friends’ games more easily from party chat
A screenshot of a PS5 game library shows a new Gamelist dedicated to Call of Duty.
Screenshot: Sony / Kotaku

That last one is bigger than it seems. Almost 90 percent of the time when I join a party chat with someone, it’s to play with them in Destiny, Rocket League, or something else, and streamlining that process will be a nice addition. Also, for the small but dedicated group of people playing their PS5 on 1440p gaming monitors, it’s nice that they can finally take full advantage of the setup.

But really, I’m here to celebrate folders. It took the PS4 three years to finally get them, after which time I was finally able to organize my growing backlog into something that made sense and felt more approachable. So I was surprised and more than a bit bummed that the PS5 released without them, putting me back at square one despite backwards compatibility exponentially increasing the size of my launch library.


No longer! Now if only Sony would find a way to make my PS5 not scream at me for failing to power it down correctly every time the system crashes or it comes unplugged.