PS4 Concept: Spider-Man Font Fail

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Someone forgot to tell acclaimed designer Tai Chiem that Sony bagged the Spidey typeface with the PS3 Slim. But the rest of this concept - that means This Is Not Real - is super-futuristic cool. Wait, where's the $24 kickstand?

It's one of three concepts he did; including an "Xbox 720" which looks like - I dunno what the hell it looks like. And a "PSP2" that looks like a reading glasses case, until you roll out its OLED screen.

Remember: These are not real. The design isn't created or commissioned or endorsed by Sony or Microsoft. But these may be for sale in the Phillippines, who knows.


Tai Chiem's Gaming Systems of the Future [Core77 via UberGizmo]

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OK, so they look good but really? They are not practical in the slightest.