PS3's Fallout 3 Content Pushed Back to Sept., Reordered

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June came and went without the promised Fallout 3 downloadable content from Bethesda and July and August will too, the developers now say.


The first downloadable content will now be Broken Steel, not the promised Operation: Anchorage, in September. Worse news, Bethesda says they're "hoping" that it will be by "the end of September." That's a lot of qualifiers.

When it hits, the Broken Steel expansion will raise the game's level cap to 30 and extend the adventure past the original storyline.


Next in the line-up will be Operation: Anchorage, initially set for a June release, followed by The Pitt shortly thereafter "probably at the same time." After that Bethesda will be releasing Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta

This further extended delay is a bitter pill to take for Playstation 3 owners, but at least now they have a date.

Fallout 3 Downloadable Content on PSN

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ah well, i suppose we get broken steel around the same time that we would have done but honestly, this is now the THIRD time bethesda have irritated me unduly... >:(

first by postponing the DLC, second by promising it in june and failing to deliver it, third by postponing what must SURELY be only a fairly simple port for so long! and whats all this shit (excuse the french) about HOPING it'll be out by the end of september?!?! What the HELL can be their reasons for this?!

ick... i need to go lie down and pray they dont rip the shit out of us AGAIN late september ¬_¬