PS3 Hack Dispenses Trophies Galore

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Hackers have figured out how to bestow themselves trophies in some PlayStation 3 games, revealing another threat posed by the PS3 root key crack unleashed earlier this month.


CVG reported that hackers in some forums claimed to have given themselves trophies, though it was not clear if they were able to sync their altered trophy history with the PlayStation Network. The hackers were able to get the full trophy sets of games like PAIN, with timestamps for the trophies randomly assigned. They were unsuccessful unlocking trophies out of other games like Resident Evil 5 and Batman: Arkham Asylum.


A Sony spokesperson told CVG the company was aware of the issue and planning a fix via firmware update.

PS3 Jailbreak Threatens Trophies? [CVG]

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what is the point of gaming if all you are going to do is cheat?