Crims locked up in a Scottish prison have found a novel use for their PS3s: employing them as charging stations for the mobile phones they're not supposed to have.

Prison officials say that the inmates had been stealing computer mice from their labs (used for training and teaching courses), re-wiring them then slipping them into the USB ports on their PlayStations, from where they could then be used to charge their mobile phones (which are obviously outlawed).


As for why the PlayStation 3s aren't outlawed, well, they're actually reasonably common in the UK, used as a means of rewarding good behaviour and keeping inmates out of trouble.

Now that prison officers are onto the scheme, all computer classes are in lockdown until all the mice are returned to the teacher. Just like school! Only with more dangerous showers.

Lags at Addiewell Prison steal mice to charge their mobile phones [DailyRecord, via Gizmodo]