"Worst Mom In Britain" Gets PS3 in Jail

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An apparently infamous British mom, imprisoned for having her daughter kidnapped to claim the reward money, received a PS3 in her cell for being a model prisoner, the Sunday Mirror reports.

Karen Matthews, 33, has been categorized as an enhanced prisoner because of her behavior at the New Hall Prison in Wakefield, West Yorks, landing not only a loaner PS3, but a DVD player and television in her cell.

Despite the gaming action, it sounds like Matthews isn't the most popular inmate at the prison, at least according to another inmate.

"She is extremely unpopular with other cons and is kept apart from them. There is an obvious fear that she will be a target for other criminals who want to get her back for what she did to her little girl."

Matthews, who has seven children by five different fathers, was branded the worst mother in Britain after it emerged in court that she routinely neglected her children and blew her benefits cash on drink.

Yikes, I wonder who gets the Wii at that prison?

Evil Shannon mum Karen Matthews gets Playstation as a rewards

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So wait...if I neglect kids and overall go to prison..then I can get a Ps3 and tv? I'm sorry but that's a load of retarded right there.