PS Vita Now Selling Less than PSP in Japan, Says Report

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The PlayStation Vita debuted to strong sales in mid-December. New devices usually do, and a falloff after that is likewise to be expected. But for the week ending Jan. 15—a month after its Japan release—the PS Vita had fallen to 18,361 units sold.


Not only is that far less than the 325,000 sold in its opening week, it's even less than the PSP is selling, according to the numbers published by Media Create. The PSP moved 22,538 units in the same week ending last Friday. The numbers do not include online sales figures.

Andriasang notes that Vita's slide looks like this, week to week: 324,859, to 72,479, to 42,648 to 42,915 and then to 18,361. It's way too early to call that a flop, certainly not with its North American and European debuts coming, but it could be that the PS Vita is running into some of the problems behind the 3DS' underwhelming release, or people are reluctant to adopt early because of what happened there.


PlayStation Vita Sales Fall Below 20,000 [Andriasang]

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Hmm, I think maybe Sony are missing the point of a portable console. Note this is me speaking from personal experience!

I don't want my portable machines to be simply smaller versions of my main consoles. My most played games on my DS are Advance Wars, Pokemon and Phoenix Wright - none of which are crappier versions of the console games, they're experiences that are not only suited to a handheld, but also unique to them.

The 3DS doesn't have any games yet that I've played at length, though I am enjoying what it has to offer - but that's probably because most of them are similar to their console counter parts. So the question with Vita is, do people really want to play Uncharted on a smaller screen? Or any other console port for that matter? I adore LBP, but I can't imagine how awful the creation aspect will be on such a small screen for example.

I think Sony's philosophy towards handhelds is a little misguided, you have to design a game to be different from the outset with the handheld's features in mind, rather than taking a console game and ramming the features into it.