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Virtual Army Experience, a Humvee-sized simulation in which participants zip around through the desert with machine guns shootin' terrists. The Ohio chapter of Veterans for Peace weren't happy with the fact that kids as young as 13 were said to be playing the game elsewhere, if not targeted by recruiters outright. The group had begun a letter writing campaign asking the Army not to bring the simulator to shows and expos in Ohio. So the Army announced that it will limit the game to people 17 years and older at the Cleveland National Air Show this weekend. The Virtual Army Experience puts "players" in the Humvee in front of a wrap-around screen where the game is projected. They fire at life-size foes using simulated machine guns fitted with lasers. You know who else wishes a combat simulator had an age restriction? The Ko-Dan. Alex Rogan was, like, 16 wasn't he? "It's inappropriate and a little offensive that Earth teens were trained to destroy our armada," said Xur, from his exile. Peace Group Drops Protest Against Virtual War Game [The Plain Dealer of Cleveland, via GamePolitics]

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