Project Gotham Racing Making A Comeback

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Project Gotham Racing's engines have been stalled since Activision bought developer Bizarre Creations in 2007. Is Microsoft warming up European development studios for a potential PGR revival?

"Trusted sources" tell game development website Develop that Microsoft is currently courting several independent European studios to revive the franchise that was the definitive racing experience on the Xbox and Xbox 360 through four installments. The original Project Gotham Racing was the second-best selling title on the original Xbox, behind Halo: Combat Evolved.

Develop's sources say that Microsoft is still not sure which developer to hand the important franchise over to. Rumors in the past have pointed towards Microsoft-owned Forza Motorsport developer Turn 10. Develop suggests this current developer hunt suggests the project will not be brought in-house.


I'm all for the return of Project Gotham Racing. the series was a sweet spot for me, straddling the line between realism and arcade just right.

We've contacted Microsoft for comment, and will update this post should we receive a response.

Update: "Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation."

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This game still has a really bad title.