Forza Devs Working On Project Gotham Racing 5

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We'll call this a rumour for consistency's sake, but really, this is more like a "oh, we kinda expected this to happen" sort of thing. AddictGaming are reporting that, according to "a reliable source close to the Development Studio Turn 10", the Forza developers have been handed the keys to the Project Gotham Racing franchise following the departure of Bizarre Creations from Microsoft's stable. Evidence is thin to support the claim, but then, like we said, at this stage you'd need to show us evidence proving they weren't developing PGR5 for us to take heed. Rumor: Turn 10 To Develop Project Gotham 5, Announcement Soon [AddictGaming]


Giant Lobster Monster

For many moons fanboys have argued that Forza is a simulator as complete and as refined as Gran Turismo. Now that its devs are moving to an arcade game, it makes it even more difficult for me not to laugh when I hear that.