Programming Note

Ordinarily, I don't like to announce when I'm skipping town for 10 days, as the meth-heads tend to come over and borrow shit. Permanently. However, as all of said shit is in that truck you see above, and I'm going to be in the cab, I don't have much problem telling you I am on vacation once my shift ends today, and the sports and weekend content you see from me won't return until July 5.

Moving cross-country is a vacation? For me it is. This is going to be a total blackout. I like nothing more than a long road trip, my only obligation to reach some destination by 8 p.m. and eat greasy food and drink beer there before getting up to drive again the next morning. Bill Russell, the hall of fame center for the Boston Celtics, loves taking long drives for the same reasons. He does them by himself; my Dad will be with me as I traverse this country by highway for the sixth time.


So, Sportaku, Anger Management, Moneysaver, the Kotaku 'Shop Contest, Sunday Comics, my byline or anything I administer is dark until I report back for duty. Enjoy the 10 days without me haranguing you.

Clarification: There will be weekend content next week, I just won't be the one writing it.

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