Pro Wrestling Talent Search Series Relocates to Games Design School

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Here is an oddball news item, but it's legit. WWE NXT, a kind of talent-search/reality show featuring wrestlers looking to become the circuit's next new star, will now be taped at Full Sail University of Winter Park, Fla. Full Sail is recognizable to many video gamers as one of the main universities teaching game design in the U.S.


Full Sail just announced the series is coming to the school. The first event there will be on Thursday. WWE superstar Triple H will be on hand, and Alberto Del Rio will challenge Sheamus (pictured above being photographed by a 3DS) for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Also, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth face Epico and Primo for the tag team belts. So they're not screwing around with this kickoff.

WWE NXT pulled its talent pool from Florida Championship Wrestling, a development territory for the league. So that explains the Florida connection, but how this ended up at Full Sail is beyond me. WWE NXT appeared on SyFy in 2010 but was moved off the schedule to make room for WWE SmackDown. NXT has been syndicated since then; it also airs via webcast.

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Everyone I know who went to Full Sail completely regrets it. I actually wanted to go when they first opened up, but the tuition is fucking ridiculous. For once being broke probably worked out to my advantage for that one.