Princess Peach Does One Amazing Lana Del Rey Impression

With retooled lyrics, some sweet costumes, and a heavy application of lip makeup, the magical Jenny Bede transforms Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" into a tale of video gaming's most heartbreaking love triangle.


Sorry, Miss Del Rey, but if you're going to name a song "Video Games" this sort of thing is bound to happen. This is the third time the song's been featured on Kotaku, previously having appeared in its original form and then as a superb 8-bit remix.

And now this; this beautiful, wondrous thing. Jenny Bade and friends have managed to capture the spirit of Del Rey's original video, while twisting it from a tale of a woman whose relationship has become stale to one of a princess who picked the wrong brother.

The lyrics are simply brilliant, and Bade's Lana Del Rey is spot-on. If I wasn't so terrified of those lips I'd kiss her.

VIDEO GAMES - Lana Del Rey & Super Mario Bros PARODY [YouTube via International Business Times]



I know it's wrong to tell people what they should like, but Lana Del Rey is an exception to the rule. People should not like Lana Del Rey, she is just awful, and if you like Lana Del Rey, you are in turn a horrible person. She's proof that the only talent you need to be successful in the music industry these days is money.

Lana Del Rey is awful.