The creepy survival-horror game Amy, about a psychic girl caught up in a zombie-like pandemic, is due for release on Wednesday on Xbox Live, where it will cost 800 Microsoft Points. Alright. It's due out on Tuesday on PlayStation Network, for a price of $12.99. That means the game is effectively $3 more on the PS3.

Lexis Numérique, the game's publisher, says this is because of the conversion of euros to dollars to Microsoft's play money. In Europe, you can buy 800 Microsoft points for €10, which is $12.73 US. So while the prices are equal in Europe, there's a disparity in America, and that's why the PSN version comes in $3 more.

Lexis Numérique's CEO is putting this up to a poll on Facebook: keep the bumped up price, and make the Jan. 10 release date? Or cut it to $9.99, which will require a delayed release. Right now, the cheaper, delayed version is winning by a 70-30 landslide. So, basically, we can say Amy is delayed on PSN, unless Lexis Numérique chooses not to abide by this result.

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