This Little Girl is the Key to Surviving the Horror of Amy

When the world's population has been transformed into rampaging flesh-hungry monsters and the infection is spreading through your system a little psychic girl can make all the difference.


Surviving the Horror of Amy: Salvation is Within Reach [PlayStation Blog]

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So let's go over what this trailer shows us:

1) Your main character is a moron. She sends the little girl who can heal her wounds and slow her infection through a hole in the wall which is clearly big enough for them to both fit through into another room, separating them. What?

2) Your main character is a moron. She can't sense danger on her own (i.e. through her own heartbeat or by other means) but if she's holding Amy's hand suddenly that's an indicator. I mean...if I were in that situation I'd be paranoid as hell even without the little girl with me.

3) Your main character is a moron. She can't spot items in bright light without Amy pointing them out for her. Really?

4) Your main character is a moron. If she decides to become separated from Amy, she can't see in the dark (obviously) but decides NOT to pick up some source of light to help herself.

In addition, Amy appears to have immense psychic powers making her godly.

Conclusion: it's almost like a reverse escort mission except you play the moronic character that normally you're dragging around.