President Obama's Birth Certificate Super-Move Totally Whups Donald Trump's 'Comb Over Here' Attack

Illustration for article titled President Obamas Birth Certificate Super-Move Totally Whups Donald Trumps Comb Over Here Attack

It's been a long road to the presidential election, which is less than a month away at this point. In case you've forgotten how tense and occasionally absurd the talking points and the personas of this political cycle have been, news website Slate has been recapping 2012's highs and lows with a series of fighting-game-inspired videos.


First, they had GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney facing off against would-be nominees Rick Santorum and Herman Cain. In the latest video, Barack Obama shows up to smack down Donald Trump's claims that POTUS isn't an American citizen. The virtual brawl is more fun that watching the birther nontroversy unfold in real life. Great finishing move on the Commander-in-Chief's part, too.


Trump to Obama: You're Fired! [Slate]

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I like how Obama is Raiden.