To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Internetz

Yes, yes, I'm not heading to America until December, but today Mrs. Bashcraft and I were trying to figure out who to buy souvenirs for. When Japanese people travel, it often seems like the vast majority of stuff they buy is for other people. There is a huge gift-giving culture here. For example, one of Mini-Bash's little friends went to Tokyo Disneyland over the weekend. When he came back, he gave us a small box of Disneyland cookies.


These gifts are usually small — things like sweets are popular and safe. The thinking is that you want to give something the entire family can enjoy. Perhaps soap or even a bottle of alcohol would be acceptable, too! (Though, you wouldn't want to give a bottle of alcohol to a kid!)

But we were doing the math and if we bought cookies or w/e for all the children Mini-Bash plays with, it could get expensive! So we're trying to figure out a way to narrow it down without being rude to people. It's tricky.

Crecente, you go to Germany and Japan at least once a year. Do you ever buy things for folks outside your family?

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